Monthly Art Jam – August: Kupaa Chan!

Hello hello and welcome back to the Kupaa Networks monthly art jam, where the Kupaa Kreators come together to decide on a theme we’ll draw for that month as a group! This time for August ’19, we drew our blue and pink overlord, or one true deity, Kupaa Chan! *___*

(jk she’s Kupaa’s mascot)

We hope you enjoy our efforts drawing this lovely babe, be sure to check out the artist’s on their sites and social media.









Find the naughty version on her website!

hizzackedAnimeFlux &

A collaboration between hizzacked and AnimeFlux! Many other versions available on their websites.


Consider supporting our artists with a subscription to their respective websites, or by following them on social media!

Thanks everyone, we will see you in a month with our next prompt~!

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