Tier 2 Explained

What to expect, what is expected from you!

No Startup Cost

As a contributing artist in Tier 2, there’s no up front costs to you to get your server and website launched. Kupaa will take care of you, mentor you and collaboratively promote you.

As a member you will be contributing monetarily back to the network. However, you will not have to endure the financial obstacles of getting started.

Adult Oriented Artwork

Do you like drawing boobs? Hey, WE like drawing boobs! The content you create should be adult themed. It’s more than just adult themes, though, it’s also adult actions. A going in to B is pretty important when it comes to being qualified for tier 2.

Tier 2 artists focus predominantly on adult creations. These creations, however, must be either rendered or drawn content. Sorry, no real world models allowed.

We wish to focus in our areas of strength, so that’s the reason why we won’t be doing real world content.


As an artist on tier 2 you’re expected to work in a co-operative and creative manner with your fellow tier 2 artists. We want to emphasize creative brainstorming and collaborating with the ultimate goal of boosting your brand.

This could range anywhere from a joint art slam sesh, “game nights” on Twitch, themed projects and more!

Tier 2 isn’t just in the spirit of co-operation, it’s also about being social with each other and each others’ fans. The community aspect is key and we will be looking for individuals who can be sociable and supportive towards our common goal.


With our collective experience we’ve got a lot of information under our belts to help better facilitate your growth. If your fans can find you, that’s all well and fine, but if somebody who’s just hearing about you has to go on a wild google marathon, they will become exhausted and give up.


Unlike other conventional platforms, ours is specifically built to cater to your content. This means you do not have to worry about us, or those we do business with, because we have kept your content in mind from day 1.

Your membership site is yours. As a result you don’t have to restrict yourself as much as you would if you were on another major hosted platform.

(Third party solutions may have additional conditions.)


A lot of websites and hosting companies emphasize the importance of security but never really sit down and work with their clients. We take things out of the technical and explain the best practices in easily digestible terms.

No heavy lifting required, we will take care of this for you and be there to answer any questions or concerns that arise from hosting your own site.