Kupaa Solutions

Kupaa Solutions provides flexible and comprehensive options for your networking needs. We grant our customers the ability to scale their environments, from a single server to clusters of servers within their own secure network.

We provide each customer with their own secure network space, dedicated IPs and network resources. We never over provision our servers. Kuppa firmly believes that over provisioning of virtual servers is a disingenuous practice. Kupaa owns its own servers and storage solutions, so you can rest assured that when you are wondering who is safe guarding your business you needn’t look any further then us. Unlike other hosting firms we wanted to provide a safe harbor for our clients so that they would not be at the mercy of another firms’ corporate policies.

Kupaa supports your ever growing company needs. From the challenge of getting started and needing that guiding support to assist you with the launch of an online business, to the expansion of existing operations that may require diverse and technical support. We strive to be by your side to provide you the best solution for what you and your organization requires.

  • Dedicated VPS

  • Secure Dedicated VLAN

  • Ability to add additional VPS hosts within your VLAN

  • Assistance with integration into payment processors

  • Backup and disaster recovery support

  • High Availability

  • On call technical support

Kupaa offers robust backup solutions. From full system replication to incremental replication. Full automated backups are performed on a hypervisor level, insuring effective and efficient VM replication. Depending on the solution that is custom tailored for your business, we can provide disaster recovery options to ensure that should the worse occur you are ready for it.

This backup solution also extends into your local office/workstation. We strive to provide solutions that will ensure that none of your hard work can ever be lost. With the onset of ransom viruses that can destroy your data by locking you out if you fail to pay, or general disk failure, creators that put hundreds of hours of their work need to know their hard labors are protected and a quick disaster recovery solution can be implemented on a moments notice.

Kupaa employs a multitude of disk solutions. Enterprise SAN’s provide robust data storage that will keep up with both your traffic and data volume needs. Rather than trust local storage, we believed that a scalable disk solution was required for our clients. This allows us to easily grow with your data capacity and IOPS needs. High availability. What is it and why do you need it? Kupaa’s server clusters employ high availability technology, which prevents a physical server’s failure from knocking your hosting offline.

HA automatically, and with no interruption of service, switches over your VPS from one physical server to the other. Physical servers have one great setback, single point of failure. Should a critical network card or the system’s motherboard fails, that server and all that resides on it goes dark from the internet. HA solutions help guard against just that.